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21Nov3:06 pmEST

Countdown to Rio 2016

With the 2016 Summer Olympics coming up in Rio, one of my long-term investment ideas has been the Brazilian utility giant CPL, dividend to boot. Emerging markets have had a volatile autumn. However, lost in the shuffle today with the market fading off the morning highs and many marquee names like FB NFLX PCLN TSLA red or near-red is the...

21Nov2:06 pmEST

QQQ Devices

The Nasdaq ETF, QQQ, came down for an entire gap-fill from this morning's pop. but is still mildly in the green as I write this. Many chasers on the long side from the morning gap-up appear to be underwater, while I retain my short FB position from $74.09. As you can see on the daily chart, below,  Facebook continues to "lean down" against...

21Nov1:01 pmEST

At the End of the Stormy Rainbow

The newfound resilience in the precious metals and miners complex continues to impress, with each sell-off being met with buyers willing to stem the tide. To be sure, this represents some change in character from what we had previously seen in the space, with each bounce not only getting sold into but also following-through much lower. Into the...

21Nov11:07 amEST

Photobombing the Market's Rally

With global Central Banks still one-upping each other, the Japanese Yen has been pummeled in recent months. Typically, the Yen trades inversely to global risk assets. And this Yen weakness has certainly been a tailwind for equity bulls. Nonetheless, the Yen is strong today, with the FXY ETF showing today's green action, below. Of course, you...

21Nov10:08 amEST

Cutting Two Losers: Chess Moves

I sold down two losers into the market's gap higher from the overnight surprise rate cut out of China. I sold my FAZ (triple-short financials) long at $13.70 from a $14.04 entry. And I sold the SWHC long @ $9.84 from my $10.06 entry. As is my style, I keep focused on containing those losing trades, so that when I do come across big winners like...

21Nov12:47 amEST

Late Night Strategy for Friday

ACHN is back on watch as a long idea to squeeze shorts in the biotech space. As you can see on the daily chart, below, the stock is forming a tight consolidation pattern (light blue lines) within the context of an overall uptrend. I am looking at a move over $13.60 to set the squeeze/breakout in motion. On the short side, keep an eye on major...


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