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30Dec5:21 pmEST

Stock Market Recap 12/30/14 {Video}

COMING SOON to MarketChess.com: Subscription Services to Take Your Trading to the Next Level; and A Full MarketChess.com Website Redesign I am very pleased to announce that the first few months of 2015 will feature some exciting changes to this website, especially the premium offerings I have planned for traders who are serious about learning...

30Dec3:46 pmEST

Secret Signs Across Many Markets

As a quick update to yesterday's blog post, Russia is bouncing back from the apparent breakdown. As I noted, it is going to be key to see if crude oil and Russia sport "bear traps," or false breakdowns. On the updated RSX daily chart, below, the country ETF, note Russia initially failing to hold under the key $15 level. If bulls can hold these...

30Dec3:38 pmEST

My Portfolio, Please Step Into My Office; Chess Moves

"Youah fiyhad!" Headed into the last day of 2014, I am not impressed with my portfolio holdings. They are not cratering on me, but they are taking too long to get moving in my direction. So I decided to fire them and move to 100% cash. Thus, I covered UNP for a small loss, sold my TBT long for a small win on my core entry, and sold UGAZ for a...

30Dec2:25 pmEST

A Mixed Bag of Popcorn; Chess Moves

I sold my CORN long at $27.20 here, from the $27.25 entry I noted in this post , for basically scratch. The corn long, as usual, took its time to get going but could not hold over $27.70 to sustain any kind of upside traction. So, into the New Year I am lightening up the sluggish positions and possibly revisit them if they gain back their...

30Dec12:42 pmEST

Shooting for the Century Mark

With casual dining plays still acting well, overall (just see FRGI on the second daily chart, below, a name we have looked at many times), premier oven maker MIDD remains a long candidate related to the industry. On the first daily chart, note the orderly basing pattern in an uptrend. $100 sure seems like a classic big round number for longs to...

30Dec11:18 amEST

Looking Less Neutral

Another round of resilience for precious metals and miners' bulls has my eye this morning. Recently, apparent breakdowns in the gold and silver complex, along with their derivative miners, have failed to come to fruition as buyers have stepped in to stem the tide. Specifically, I am keying off GDXJ, the junior gold miner ETF, and SLV, the...


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