31Mar2:45 pmEST

Winners Stay Winners; Chess Moves

With today's market sluggishness, I am still not too keen on pressing longs here. 

As a result, I am focused on not letting winners turn into losers. 

I had previously scaled profits at higher levels in my JUNO and X longs. But with this afternoon's weakness I am electing to sell out of the remainder of both positions to protect wins on the final pieces of my original entries. 

I sold JUNO at $61.32 from my $60.42 entry to lock in the rest of that win. While JUNO is very much in play for a breakout higher, the market pressures on biotechs of late are enough to see me erring on the conservative side. 

And I sold the rest of my X long at $24.42 from my $24.24 entry after previously scaling gains well over $25. 

As it stands, I am short CP GILD and MA. 

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