16Apr3:45 pmEST

Turning the Page; Chess Moves

Headed into the launch of Market Chess Subscription Services tonight (more on this in my video market recap after the bell), I am wiping some positions clean. 

I sold the remainder of my X long at $26.29 from my $25.40 to lock in the rest of that win after scaling most of it higher yesterday. 

I sold my HL long at $3.25 from my $3.32 entry for a small loss as this miner gave up too much of yesterdays gains for my taste. 

I covered my XLU short at $44.22 from my $44.26 for a few pennies of a win as REITs are reversing higher and bonds are, too. 

I am eyeing some interesting setups, which we have been looking at on the blog, and will flesh them out in the video.  

See you after the bell for my recap. 

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