29Apr10:21 amEST

One Earnings Reaction Goes One Way and the Other Goes the Other

...and SPY is saying, "Whaddya want from me?"

TWTR is still moving lower, even after the 20% plunge during the earnings leak late in the session yesterday. Typically, waiting a few days after a big drop like that is best for anything more than a day-trade, as it looks like big money was caught off-guard. 

Meanwhile, GPRO is squeezing higher after an after hours upside reversal last night. The stock is off the highs of the day. But Market Chess Subscription Service members have some levels to observe today for quick day-trades. 

And the action in WYNN is consistent with what has been a steady bear market for major casinos for a while now, fooling bottom-callers along the way. Las Vegas is still going to be just fine, longer-term. But Macau issues and a meteoric rise in the share prices of LVS WYNN off the 2009 crash lows were likely overstating the recovery. 

As for my trades, I have been keeping things tight and will probably scale some gains in my bond short before the Fed later today. 

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