13Aug3:34 pmEST

Talk is Cheap and Overtrading is Expensive

We have a market on our hands which is uniquely fit for hindsight trading, with each mini-peak and valley in the context of a sideways range lends itself to looking back in lieu of focusing on the present. 

While the market did stage an impressive reversal yesterday (the S&P's largest in several years, according to some statistics I have seen), the small caps are flipping red as I write this, seen below on the updated 10-minute chart of the Russell ETF we observed this morning.

We have the idea flow going well inside Market Chess Subscription Services, noting intriguing inter-market action, too. But overtrading in this type of a market is usually a mistake, where brokers are the ones benefitting from commissions more than anything else. 

And seeing the market's reaction to the is SHAK secondary (down 15% now), just a few days after earnings, is not exactly a confidence booster in terms of risk appetite thriving. 

Still, there are leading stocks holding up and acting well, such as AMZN NFLX UA, making it tough to become overly bearish even as oil plunges, yet again. 

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