29Jan2:48 pmEST

Let's Hope Zika Goes the Way of Zima

With news of the Zika Virus spreading to the United States, it is easy to conjure up the Ebola panic a few years back. The obvious HazMat suit plays back then were APT and LAKE, with LAKE currently being the more liquid and viable play over $13. 

However, in the case of Zika it is probably best to watch to preventive/treatment plays in particular: INO and XON.

Both of these stocks have unimpressive overall charts. Typically, we prefer to match sound technicals with the headlines in order to be merely trading in a reactive manner off the news, which is usually a mistake. 

Nonetheless, for scalps it is worth noting the strong buy volume in INO to close out the week. And now XON is spiking up intraday as I write this, with plenty of shorts to squeeze if need be. 

I am reticent to swing them, or much of anything for that matter in this tape, over the weekend. 

But if Zika does not, in fact, go the way of Zima, then at least we know where to look for some opportunistic trades. 

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