27Apr3:43 pmEST

The Importance of Not Focusing (or Betting) Too Much on One Stock

The temptation may always be there on Wall Street to take the easy way out, betting it all on red or black, with one stock. In this day and age where the cross-section of social media and finance has become more prominent in recent years, the bias that TWTR's stock simply must win out is lurking in the background seemingly on a daily basis. But the market continues to suggest otherwise, as evidenced by yet another earnings beating. And this is all happening while some intriguing opportunities continue to present themselves in other parts of the market, particularly in Brazil.

Putting all your eggs in one basket, even all of your focus on one stock, is usually the death knell of the speculator. For this reason, position sizing is something we consistently focus on for Members.

Let's see what FB earnings bring tonight for the lagging Nasdaq, even as the market shows resilience overall, again.

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