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Sunday Matinée at Market Chess Cinemas

Following in tradition for this website Father's Day, the great father/son tale told in Road to Perdition (2002) is worth a viewing (or a repeat viewing).

My own father died in 2002, not long before this film was released. I often wonder if he would have liked it as much as I think he would have. I suppose I will always associate this film with Father's Day, then. But as dark as the film can be, at times, Tom Hanks pulls off some of his best work here in a role which is not particularly easy to play.

This is one of those rare films this century which actually lives up to the inevitable hype created by its all-star cast. At the same time, it is interesting that this film is actually one of the more under-watched films, considering the mega stars it features. The superb soundtrack, cinematography, and attention to historical detail all add to the greatness of the acting and writing.

I consider this a top twenty all-time film.

via Netflix:

Hit man Michael Sullivan (Hanks), known in his 1930s Chicago world as The Angel of Death, is on the run after his wife (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and son (Liam Aiken) are murdered. With his surviving son (Tyler Hoechlin) in tow, Michael sets out to exact brutal vengeance. Complicating matters in this crime actioner are a reporter (Jude Law), Al Capone’s enforcer (Stanley Tucci) and other shady characters.

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