30Jun3:48 pmEST

Not So Fast, My Friends

If there were ever a market which would make Lee Corso proud, it is this one.

Not only is the Brexit now actively being discussed for the potential to be "walked back," but HSY rejected the earlier MDLZ buyout bid. 

And, of course, the limit down move in the futures just about one week ago is close to being completely recaptured. Such is life on Wall Street these days, where it seems like every move is either walked back or quickly erased off the books. 

Nonetheless, some miners are truly standing out in this market, where the REITs and utilities led the action today (Some of those "safe" utilities, such as AWK may finally be blowing off after incredibly steep runs and crowded trades, mind you). 

Overall, as we conclude the month and quarter today, the market has rallied ferociously back up in a straight line to the scene from which a shock to the system came last week.

It's GameDay now. 

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