05Jan1:07 pmEST

Bezos' Pendejos

The easiest thing in the world to do right now is pile on to the group of brick and mortar retail stores which have made to look foolish (i.e. Bezos' Pendejos) by Jeff Bezos and his brilliant Amazon empire. 

We know Kohl's is getting the business today, as is Macy's and JCP. Ralph Lauren was a short setup we discussed for Members last evening. And names like GPS are not looking too appetizing either. 

But it is also worth noting which retail plays are seemingly aloof to the AMZN vs. Brick and mortar winner-take-all battle. 

LULU, below on the update daily chart, is a name we have been discussing into the new year. Recall how it gapped up after earnings in December. Since then, LULU pulled back in a fairly innocent manner before surging to start 2017. 

Given today's carnage in retail, LULU is not red by much here. Sell volume is contained at the moment, too. And if the stock can push up towards $70 in the coming sessions I am eyeing a long here as the firm declares itself to be a specialty retailer exempted from being one of Bezos' Pendejos. 

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