15Sep1:54 pmEST

No Way, Jose!

The latest update on Tropical Storm Jose from the National Hurricane Center can be visually absorbed from their graphic, above, and see in full here

It has obviously been a busy season, any way you slice it. And if Jose does strengthen to do some damage along the eastern seaboard of America in the next week or so, we want to have some ideas fresh in mind.

The generator play, GNRC, is rather popular these days as it chugs on higher today after an upgrade. The cleanup are always intriguing, too, though it is tough to say exactly which ones will see the most work and benefit. 

Thus, as quaint as it may seem, I come back to something as simple as batteries. 

Energizer has the dominant brand name (the bunny commercials, e.g.). And while it may be going the way of the horse and buggy whip due to technological innovations, a hurricane which knocks out power for large groups of people can set them back a few decades, if not centuries for a few days or weeks. 

ENR is still trying to hold $45, below on the daily chart. But is sure has made some progress in doing so of late and looks good here. 

With good luck, Jose will fizzle out. But whether he does or does not, perhaps ENR is on the cusp of improving anyway as the firm's other brands may be a bit more up-to-date. 

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