23Nov11:37 amEST

Happy Thanksgiving from Market Chess

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful for many things in my life. With respect to this site, I am particularly grateful for a core group of loyal readers and clients over the years.

I have always thought that no one person would get to decide whether the work I provide was value-additive and worthy of being consistently read by a sizable group. Instead, that would be the ultimate market-based decision. And that mindset, one of abundance, has certainly been a positive influence on my work and the level I service I strive to achieve on a consistent basis both on this site and behind the scenes for Members

Indeed, an "abundance" mindset is a particularly powerful mindset applied to many facets of life, one worth exploring when we think of the routine things which may worry or aggravate us. 

Thus, on this Thanksgiving holiday I want to give a heartfelt wish to you and your loved ones for a happy and safe feast. 

I have also included some relaxing music which you can let run for a while (especially the second video) while you are busy with guests or cooking. 

Mind Your P's This Holiday S... Heating Up Into the Chill


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