24Jan1:05 pmEST

Bulls Don't Want to Hear, "Bye Bye, Baidu"

Baidu was supposed to be a good "catch-up" play to a never-ending bull run. 

However, with BIDU looking great this morning and now flipping red alongside the Dow and the broad market, I am continuing down the road of unwinding longs and not being too aggressive with news, for now. 

To be sure, calling a market top remains an elusive if not futile task. But we can still pay attention to the price action when the tape show signs of fatigue. 

Elsewhere, I am debating adding to some precious mining longs if they can hold into the lion's share of today's gains. With the crypto craze getting a fair amount of hot money attention, precious metals and miners may well have a good setup to rally under the cover of darkness. 

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