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Twitter Technical Analysis from Tuco

Simply put, Twitter's price action has been tremendously bullish over the last month. 

The stock nearly ignored the broad market correction and XIV SVXY fallout earlier this month, as it was strong pre and post-earnings. 

Since that earnings gap higher TWTR has been narrowing its consolidation, as seen for context on the hourly chart, updated below ("tight, tight, tight"). 

Note how price is at the apex of a well-defined symmetrical triangle pattern, outlined in light blue, with lower highs but also higher lows by price. Sell volume has been negligible, to boot. From this rather tight compression we should typically expect imminent resolution, with momentum and trend favoring bulls. 

To be sure, I am talking my long-term book here, as TWTR is a name I turned bullish on as a long-term investment idea last year while it was in the teens for VIP Members (we have had a couple of duds too, recently cut). 

But TWTR's price action almost seems like evidence per se of a new bull run underway. The stock has had a multitude of reasons to sell off, but has suddenly become unflappable. It also remains well below its post-IPO highs from late-2013, at $74.73, but those longs who bought way up there were likely flushed on the painful dive and then grind lower to $13.73. 

Going forward, TWTR may very well prove Marshall McLuhan's point in the most of bullish of ways, that "the medium is the message," with its unique platform which is still the place to be for breaking news across all industries, dynamic if not harsh debate, and Trump Tweets. 

In this case, despite all of the bear counter arguments, some of which are quite colorable, TWTR's medium is, in fact, the bull thesis. 

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