14Aug3:17 pmEST

Last Chance: You Miss it, Don't Show Your Face in Here Again

Working our way through the final hour of another wild session in front of NVDA earnings tonight, the best chance bulls have now for a respectable close (i.e. one a few hundred Dow points off session lows) would likely be to pounce on the heavy sell program which ran on TLT at 3pm EST on the nose. 

It is only 1-minute chart, below, but you can see it for yourself. 

Apart from that small glimmer, it is shaping up to have been an ugly session overall, negating some progress made by bulls earlier this week. Overall, the S&P 500 and Nasdaq are still slightly above their 150-day moving averages and last week's lows.

But that is not likely to last very long if TLT continues to take the escalator to Heaven every day as rates sink further yet. 

Overnight Traps You Know What That Makes The...


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