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The New Era of Retail

By now, we are well aware that Amazon is, in many respects, king of the castle in terms of new-world retail purchases and their entire ecosystem. But there is always COST and WMT, with names like BJ not far behind. Grocers like IMKTA KR SFM WMK are coming into their own, too. 

And there a notch down are the dollar stores like DG and DLTR, with DG getting the nod as the better chart and firm. 

But lost in the shuffle might be Ollie's Bargain Outlet Holdings Inc., with its $4.3 billion market cap. Even in the midst of a once-in-a-century pandemic and unprecedented lockdown, OLLI is still opening new stores which are well-received. As we head into a new retail era, without question having been accelerated by the pandemic and fallout, OLLI is in an excellent position to thrive as its stock holds back over its 200-day moving average, see below on the daily chart. 

The firm has dealt with brutal adversity, namely with Mark Butler, the CEO and co-founder of Ollie's, dying unexpectedly at 61 years young over last Thanksgiving, 2019. 

And this is all you need to know of the recent opening in Dalton, Georgia of a new store:

They didn't know they wanted it. But when they saw it they had to have it.

Shoppers packed the Ollie's Bargain Outlet at 1205 N. Glenwood Ave., Suite 1, Wednesday morning for its opening. And several customers said they walked out of the store with bargains they weren't expecting to find.

Terri Skelton was waiting on a store employee to bring a wide-screen TV she'd bought out to her car.

"I didn't come here to buy a TV," she said. "But I had been thinking about getting one. This was such a bargain I decided to go ahead and get it."

Ollie’s, which is in the southern end of the former Kmart that was at the site, offers “name-brand merchandise at drastically-reduced prices,” said Jerry Altland, vice president of real estate for Ollie’s. Its headquarters is in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

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