20Jul3:43 pmEST

Do You Remember That TV Series, "Weeds"?

Yeah, about that: Pretty good show, good cast and well-done comedy. 

As you may know, the series centered around the marijuana growing end of the business and all that entails on a micro level. Naturally, that lends itself to plenty of comedic and absurd scenes. 

In real life, as marijuana has since becomes far more normalized and legalized across the country since "Weeds" went off the air in 2012, the usual suspects always come up when traders discuss "pot plays."

Specifically, names like ACB CGC TLRY usually garner interest. However, they are not particularly strong technically, nor are displaying any sense of urgency among buyers. 

However, the pot-growing plays, like SMG and the overlooked Growgeneration, below on its daily chart, are in much better technical shape. Perhaps that makes sense, as the infrastructure down to the micro level for pot growers will be one of the big areas of the boom. Moreover, as states across the country find themselves in need to boost revenue, they will most likely hold their nose (if it is kush, perhaps) and legalize it for the sake of finding a way to recover from the pandemic and economic fallout. 

As for GRWG, we need to see it hold over $7.40 at a minimum to sustain a breakout from the attractive daily chart base, below. 

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