20Jul11:01 amEST

Normal Human Instincts in an Abnormal Year

After so many months of virus headlines, lockdowns, quarantines, and so forth, it is only natural for human beings to want to simply move on with life and get out and about. Unfortunately, with the virus cases apparently on the rise again, or at least not seeming to abate, various Governors across the country continue to keep a strict approach as this summer unfolds. Mind you, I am not leveling criticisms at this point, since it simply is what it is. However, despite a segment of the population vehemently against wearing masks, it is likely most folks will simply do what is required if it means they get to go out and about. 

That said, my preference for PPE plays is tilting more towards those of the institutional variety, such as Lakeland Industries. You can see more about that here

I am long LAKE for a trade with a stop-loss below $21, looking for this PPE play to break higher from the benign weekly chart consolidation, seen below. As we have noted previously here and with Members, the fact that names like APT LAKE have not collapsed seems to point to the idea that the virus will be with us, or at least protective concerns will be, for a good while longer. 

Furthermore, as we are seeing with MRNA this morning, down nearly 10% right now, the vaccine bet is turning into a dangerous game of roulette, from a stock market perspective. 

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