16Nov3:55 pmEST

Insurance Stocks and Chill

As I am sure you can tell from my recent analysis and trades, I am convinced the winds of Wall Street are changing in favor of boring, deep value plays like the insurance stocks. 

On the KIE ETF, first daily chart, below, I wonder how many newfound traders this year will even know to track insurance stocks in this brave new world--I suspect it will take some time before we see the Robinhood/Davey types start to pump them, if at all.

In the meantime, the price action is wildly bullish and bodes well for a meaningful change in trend higher. 

Inversely, the great Netflix looks to be on the ropes for an imminent breakdown in the QQQ, second daily chart, below. 

With competition heating up in an increasingly saturated market, amid various "Cuties" controversies, NFLX may be running on borrowed time before the market brings it down to reality. 

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