24Dec12:10 pmEST

Later on, We'll Conspire

The market is flipping red as I write this, with a shortened Christmas Eve session likely being all the liquidity-driven excuses needed for some mild profit-taking and a general respite from a fast and furious bull market. 

Right now, The Fed seems like they own the universe. And many highly educate and highly intelligent people can point to their policies as having "saved the world" many times over since 2008, most recently back in March of this year. As I have discussed before, in spite of Bitcoin and the crypto emergence, the only thing which can truly halt The Fed is the bond market--Old-fashioned vigilantes effectively raising rates on our beloved Central Bankers. Until that happens, we could be in for roughly more of the same in 2021, albeit with some likely sector rotation already underway. If you disagree with my point on crypto, consider what happened to Ripple (XRP) just the week: Do you, honestly, truly, not think the SEC could do the same to other cryptos if need be?

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