13Jan10:55 amEST

Skating Through Winter These Days

When I was younger I would continually count down the days until the end of winter, especially those times when I was living in a colder climate. After the holidays, a natural void would seem to materialize and, some years, not relent until late-March or April. Maybe it was the lack of sunlight, or what they call "seasonal affective disorder" these days, since everything has a fancy diagnosis. But in reality I just like warmth and sunlight much more than cold and darkness. 

Seeing as I am officially on the wrong side of 40 these days, however, there is no time to squander counting away the days. 

Similar comments apply to the current market, where counting down the days to more exciting trading volatility is tempting for many veteran, seasoned traders who tend to fare well in volatile or even down-trending markets as opposed to a daily melt-up with dips so shallow that to allow head-first diving into the pool would be a felony crime. 

With this in mind, two hot, high beta names like BNGO and PECK, respectively below on their daily charts and both in cutting edge sectors for 2021, are worth watching to resume their awesome momentum higher as they figure to be bull-flagging here. 

If the bear case was hinging on a sell-the-second-Impeachment reaction, they will need to come up with some different because the market is skating its way through this one, yet again.

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