11Feb3:31 pmEST

We Don't Have a Cow; We Have a Bull

So, what kind of market is this?

The kind where a name like FUBO, a squeeze play and just days ago was a hot WSB/meme/short squeeze stock, has now been all but forgotten and is considering boring by this tape's standards of momentum and action. 

So while the pot stocks suffer from some "schwag" selloffs today in the likes of TLRY being down 50% as I write this, FUBO may very well be setting back up to squeeze above $46 with a few weeks to go yet until its March 2nd earnings. There are other squeeze plays worth watching, like SDC, to see if they can sustain momentum from fairly impressive overall charts, too. 

But FUBO tells the story about how expectations during this sort of melt-up and mania among the high beta names can become surreal. 

Into the bell, with stocks off session lows we may get a mixed close. But the takeaway form the session is just how important $800 is for TSLA and $225 for IWM.

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