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14Apr3:40 pmEST

Sectors with No Sex Appeal Should Rope in the Bear

Headed into the closing bell we are seeing some well-defined selling of the COIN IPO event, be it crypto proxy stocks like MARA MSTR RIOT down sharply, and even premier tech names like AAPL AMZN SQ TSLA, among a whole host of others.  After an extended melt-up in the QQQ ETF as the seasonally bullish window starts to close a bit (but perhaps...

14Apr11:19 amEST

Never Show Your Fangs Unless You Intend to Use Them

[Michelle Pfeiffer in the film,  Wolf (1994)] Amid the Coinbase IPO today, we are seeing some initial sell-the-news reactions in the likes of MARA and RIOT. However, the day is still young, and I would not be in there shorting those high beta monsters with so much of the session to go.  But the larger issue for me today is the overlooked...


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