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Comparison is the Thief of Joy...and Capital

Here at Market Chess we take pride in being mature speculators who never show a reckless disregard for precious capital. In this day and age of social media and finance intersecting, it can be rather easy to constantly compare oneself to the constant stream of boasting by many a trader and pundit out there, as we naturally infer that our own results are perpetually underwhelming to those who seemingly never lose, and always seem to win and win big. 

But just as in other forms of speculation, such as poker and sports betting, virtually all of the boasting has a sizable smoke-and-mirrors factor, where the more absurd the boasting, the higher probability you are dealing with an insecure mountebank consumed by hubris, ego, and in effect, insecurities. 

Indeed, comparison in the markets is oftentimes not only the thief of joy, but also of their capital--Your only true competition is yourself, cliché-sounding or not. 

Case in point: Coming off the three-day weekend I am still in full cash, eyeing a DIS short (first daily chart, below, looking vulnerable) and a SHAK long (second daily chart, flagging nicely on the come). 

However, I have not yet pulled the trigger in either direction, as the market is sloshing around after some morning downside fireworks. Today may be the start of a summer decline, but bears are still going to need to do better than this when it comes to the QQQ, even as IWM flirts with losing its 50-day moving average. 

I am waiting for a better pitch to swing at off the holiday. 

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