08Oct10:15 amEST

AVAILABLE NOW! My New Book, "A Street Smart Guide to Modern Sports Betting"

The Amazon Kindle version is available now (Paperback version soon to follow). I am confident you will find the book useful and enjoyable. Thank you for all of your support and interest. 


BOOK DESCRIPTION: The new era of modern sports betting has arrived.

As more states officially legalize sports betting so as to not miss out on an obvious tax and revenue windfall, the very idea of discreetly calling a “bookie” to place an illegal bet on a sporting event is becoming less relevant.  As such, the surge in popularity of sports betting across America will likely persist in the years and decades to come, particularly with the accessibility of sports betting via apps and online websites.

Naturally, you can be sure that many corporations, government entities, not to mention shady individuals will do whatever they can to get a piece of the action, of which there is plenty.

But what about you, the individual sports betting "Joe" (or Mary)?

This book seeks to arm you with the knowledge and process so you can more than hold your own in the modern era of sports betting. Written by a popular social media persona and veteran gambler, this book breaks down complex terminology and concepts in such a way that the reader will be ready to compete with the sharpest bettors on the biggest sporting stages.

Reminder: Don't Be a Blaster... Rough and Tumble Bulls


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