29Oct3:15 pmEST

Entertaining Some Year-End Crypto Revelry

As we enter the Halloween, Thanksgiving, then Christmas/New Year's stretch portion of the year, it would probably be naive to dismiss the possibility of some further outlier events happening in markets in a year which featured meme stock squeezes in GME AMC, the TSLA moves, not to mention the rapid appreciation seen in crypto land, be it Dogecoin, SHIBA INU, and the NFTs. I know I left plenty of other eye-popping events in 2021 off that list, but those are surely some of the memorable highlights. 

Thus, we could easily see a cherry-on-top type of speculative fervor into the end of the year, it just may not be in equities, per se. Commodities could still be on the cusp of shooting higher yet. 

But as far as retail traders go, ruling out meme coins and alt coins in crypto land seems foolish. What is preventing us from seeing more Dogecoin or SHIBA INU types of moves, especially in a Fourth of July grande finale-type of fireworks sequence to cap off 2021? One scenario would see alt and meme coins running hard into the holidays, with families boasting to each other about how much money they made, bringing in reluctant boomers (and the like) into crypto to mark a possible top in January. 

The epic liquidity which The Fed has pumped into markets may very well not be getting its "fix' in equities anymore, with one-off moves in DWAC PHUN last week proving short-lived. Sure, MARA, a crypto name, looks sharp on its daily chart, below. 

But it would only be fitting that as markets have become akin to a drug addict needing its hit of liquidity from the drug dealing Fed, in searching for a top we may actually need to finally hit rock bottom in terms of price discovery and speculation. 

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