05Nov11:20 amEST

Battlefield Adjustments

I just sent out a video to VIP Members (where we focus on long-term investing ideas) notifying them that I decided to sell entirely out of my Pfizer long into the latest news of their drug. 

Just as with my TWTR sale in the long-term portfolio late into this most recent summer, selling PFE here may feel like I am too early (and it may very well be). However, when I first presented the play back in early-March of this year, the PFE thesis was centered more around the stock being a legitimate value/dividend play. At this point, PFE seems to have taken on a life of its own regarding COVID and it drugs/vaccines. 

Thus, into the latest pop, I elected to sell out and seek to roll capital to other value plays which the market may not be hopping on, just yet. 

On that note, the current melt-up in not just the likes of NVDA TSLA, but also the major indices, reinforces how epic of a market moment we are currently in right now. I recognize that emotions are running high and it seems like we will never go down again. But that is practically to be expected when we go parabolic. And I do not use that word lightly--Just look at long-term charts of NVDA QQQ TSLA, etc.. 

In due time, I think what you will find is that those who kept a level head into this melt-up will come out either profitable or relatively unscathed. In other words, parabolas historically do not just level off sideways when they exhaust. 

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