09Nov3:31 pmEST

Who Needs the Wheat Belly Anyway?

Headed into the bell of one of the more interesting sessions we have had in a good while, bulls are contending today's dump in TSLA is basically a mere shakeout, while bears are looking at it as the start of a larger pullback. There is evidence, as usual, to cherry-pikc on both sides, be it the resilience in names like AMZN, for example, of bears countering with the continued lack of respect for risk if outright complacency despite the TSLA rug-pull. 

But we ought not let those points distract us from commodities. Natural gas is probably getting unfairly punished due to a temporary burst of warmer temperatures. But I assure you in no time most of us will be scraping ice and snow off our windshields in the dark morning hours. 

And let us not forget the softs, a group of commodities which continue to be overlooked. Note the persistent supply issues with wheat, and the beautiful daily chart for the WEAT Fund, below. Since eliminating wheat products from my diet a few years back, I am certain it has helped with my health and general well-being. Modern wheat seems to be different in many ways than what our grandparents ate. But I understand it is still a rather cheap calorie which can feed many people around the world. However, that may be changing, as a decade-long bear market in many softs looks to be ending and prices are going up. 

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