11May10:30 amEST

And After All That...

By now, you know about ARKK, earnings blow-ups like U and UPST, inflation, even the Tiger Fund, as do most active market players. 

And what we are left with at the moment is some of the most violent price swings you will see even in a bear market, at least one which is not outright crashing.

No, instead, we have an epic battle in progress, as bears push for the big breakdown (though it seems like a good deal of them are quick to cover into downdrafts) while bulls are pining for the big bottom (though it seems like a good deal of them are quick to sell into pops). 

On the QQQ 10-Minute chart, below, you can visualize the violent swings, ranging from about $296 below to $305 above this week. This very near-term range can at least give you some context to the vicious price action we are witnessing in real-time. 

Needless to say, much like a baseball players "choking up" on the bat, traders should tighten up here too for the most part and be very carefully taking on new risk. 

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