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Got a New Company for You

Recent IPO EE is worthy of our attention. First, the company description:

Excelerate is changing the way the world accesses cleaner, more affordable and reliable energy by delivering regasified natural gas, benefitting hundreds of millions of people around the world. From our founding, we have focused on providing flexible liquefied natural gas (“LNG”) solutions to emerging markets in diverse environments across the globe, providing a lesser emitting form of energy to markets that often rely on coal as their primary energy source. At Excelerate, we believe that access to affordable energy such as LNG is critical to assisting emerging markets in their decarbonization efforts, while at the same time promoting economic growth and improving quality of life.

Sounds pretty good to me, especially given the bullish action in natural gas and many natty gas type stocks, not to mention the overall energy bull run and macro tailwinds. 

On the EE daily chart, below, note the stock trying to break its multi-week IPO base higher. True, it may need some more time to build out a larger base. 

But, again, with sector strength, it may be worth the effort to play a recent IPO if EE can hold, say, above $28 this week. 

As for the tape overall, not a bad effort by bulls on QQQ $305 support, once again. 

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