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19May3:12 pmEST

Just When No One Believes in Them Anymore...

Just when no one believes in reversal candlesticks anymore, to the point of not only failing to care enough to mock them (and bears) but outright display apathy to them, we have big, bad, Alphabet with its AI kick sporting a glaring bearish reversal candle today after a steep rally poking above its upper daily chart Bollinger Band (below). All...

19May11:28 amEST

Steam it Up

No fancy explanations here (more full analysis with Members). No over-analysis.  Simply put, my call is volatility has bottomed for the rest of Q2 and possible into Q3. With vol having been crushed this much so far in 2023 headed into bearish seasonality and a ton of risk events/headwinds, the table is finally (finally!) set for asymmetrical...


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