02Jan10:30 amEST

Slow Your New Year's Roll

Just as folks quickly become bored or impatient with their new year's resolutions (e,g. to hit the gym more), it is quite easy to burn yourself out as a trader after the holiday season if you hit the ground running too quickly once the calendar flips. 

Case in point: We are actually still in the midst of the "Santa Rally" period on Wall Street, from now through tomorrow's closing bell. Furthermore, as we noted with Members, we will likely not see everyone back their desks from the break on Wall Street until the end of this week, and possibly not even until next week. 

Thus, letting the new year market form its own ebb and flow is preferred. 

The Nasdaq is the clear laggard this morning, down about 1.8% as I write this with Apple down 3.5% off a downgrade. 

It is not just AAPL, however, with rates higher (and TLT lower, on the daily chart, below, fading off $100 again--As TLT goes down, rates go up), and energy prices up as well. With Red Sea tensions, keep an eye on the likes of ARCH BTU FRO, and others. 

Also natural gas is higher and should be watched closely if this winter turns out to be much more frigid than expected. 

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