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02Aug10:27 amEST

Enjoy the Journey

It may not be particularly fun to ease off the action during this mid-to-late summer market malaise, but with the small caps in the IWM breaking back below their 50-day moving average this morning to compound the heavy selling in tech (QQQ) over the last two sessions, resisting the urge to "make something happen" on the long side may very well...

01Aug3:08 pmEST

The Fed is Trapped; Long Live The Fed

It may take a little while longer yet for equities to fully grasp the picture. But what else is new?  The first asset classes to usually catch on are fixed income and, at times, gold.  So what is it, exactly, that these markets need to "catch on" to regarding The Fed? How about this: The Fed is officially trapped and now they know it. Any...

01Aug11:36 amEST

Kirkland is Not Just Costco's House Brand, Ya Know

Equities are snapping back with some authority this morning, as hope for a second rate cut now seems to have more viability than it did yesterday afternoon. Still, I am a bit skeptical of the bounce, pending the close and daily volume due to some recent warning signs with respect to upticks in sell volume and a few examples of the market...

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