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10Jan3:42 pmEST

CPI Estimates Need to Be More Aggressive

The big showdown in markets this week is clearly the CPI print Thursday morning, something which should be apparent given the price action so far today and this week. Estimates are averaged out to be 6.5%, which strikes me as, appropriately given market sentiment, hopeful more than anything else--Hopeful that inflation will recede aggressively...

10Jan11:17 amEST

Watch and Burn

After the Powell remarks this morning were essentially a nonevent, the main focus of the week coming up is still the CPI inflation print on Thursday morning followed by the large banks kicking off earnings season on Friday. Although bulls are inferring that Powell's remarks being a nonevent is bullish, another way to read into it is that Powell...

09Jan3:24 pmEST

These Cougars Just Went from Predator to Prey

A bonafide, dominant retail player since the 2009 lows, Lululemon surged in popularity for a variety of demographics but especially women "of a certain age" trying to retain a comfortable yet attractive look. Indeed, LULU's stock is something of which chapters in textbooks can be written, perhaps one of the poster children of the QE/ZIRP era...

09Jan11:26 amEST

A Confident Market: But is it Authentic?

Considering we have Powell speaking tomorrow, followed by the CPI on Thursday (not to mention the big banks kicking off a new earnings season Friday morning) this market seems uniquely confident in the face of those potential headline risks.  It is often said that whereas bull markets climb a wall of worry, bear markets slide down a slope of...

07Jan12:19 pmEST

Historical Bear Market Analysis 01/07/23 {Video}

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06Jan11:33 amEST

This is Not a Return to Decadence

A funny thing about folks getting a taste of the good life, to speak, in markets since March 2020 (and even at various intervals since 2009) is that they will seemingly do anything to go back to the go-go-days, even if it means completely distorting reality. To put it crudely, you might argue it is not unlike a drug fiend willing to do anything...

05Jan3:18 pmEST

It's Tough to Look and Not Touch

One of the most counter-intuitive aspects about speculation is the notion of laying off the action for various intervals. After all, who really travels to the casino to not gamble? Well, I suppose some folks do. But not the warriors in the arena most of us are--Mixing it up regularly in global markets and putting ourselves to the test.  In...

05Jan10:31 amEST

Running Those Buy Programs Into the Ground

A thrust lower at the open on the major indices saw the S&P 500 almost tag the big, round 3,800 level precisely, as well as the QQQ ETF lingering near key $260 support.  Right on cue, however, we saw a slew of buy programs in some large names, particularly AAPL.  This was a common feature of the QE/ZIRP bull market era, where buy programs would...

04Jan3:40 pmEST

Powell Hunkers Down for Winter

Stocks are mostly meandering into the final hour of trading today, as bulls try to hold green from earlier. Although the Dow just flipped back red as I write this, plenty of stocks are struggling to stay afloat.  The Fed Minutes released earlier this afternoon certainly added some pizazz to what was an already-wide range session. Of course, we...

04Jan11:08 amEST

Reddit in Reverse! Wheels in Motion

It may seem too easy to dismiss the WallStreetBets Reddit Group as being a bunch of whippersnappers who caught lightning in a bottle about two years ago with the various meme stock squeezes in GME and AMC, especially.  However, I would urge you to take a few moments to read through a popular recent post on the forum here , where a kind of...

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