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22Aug11:27 amEST

A Teton Market Range

It may seem like the indices are chopping around in ranges as wide as, well, Teton Range out in Wyoming, which is exactly where various Fedheads are gathered right now to enjoy their annual end-of-summer meeting.  As we speak, the jaw-boning is likely causing some early jitters, as tech stocks came out of the gate in a lethargic manner and...

21Aug3:35 pmEST

Zig for Apple Card; Zag for PagSeguro

While the Apple Card understandably gets plenty of attention regarding large firms seeking to enter the general payments arena to establish their own ecosystem, if you will, we ought not overlook plays like PagSeguro out of Brazil.  PAGS spiked up after earnings late-last week and has been flagging nicely ever since, as seen on its updated...

21Aug10:46 amEST

This Old House, No More

Between TREX (outdoor decking) and now Restoration Hardware, below on its updated daily chart, it sure seems like the market is signaling that it is infatuated with the idea of housing undergoing a revamping phase this cycle.  On the RH chart, now how well the stock has acted since Memorial Day, with a smooth uptrend remaining unperturbed even...

20Aug10:56 amEST

Avoid Self-Inflicted Traps

The market is challenging enough, as is, without us being our own worst enemies and leading ourselves into traps like the brutal one shown above.  Thus, we want to avoid overthinking and extrapolating too much when it comes to growth stocks which have held up very well this summer.  Case in point: COUP GH TTD, a software, healthcare, and...

19Aug3:44 pmEST

Sweet Tastes in a Bitter August

Despite the rally today, August has thus far been not been very kind to bulls, especially looking at a daily chart of, say, the IWM (small caps). However, the sweet taste of relative strength in the likes of biotech INCY and fast/casual chicken wing joint WING, respectively below, still ought to count for something serious. Indeed, disregarding...

19Aug10:56 amEST


With a sizable Monday morning gap higher in play for equities, bulls have done an admirable job of wrestling away the short-term initiative bears enjoyed last Wednesday and parts of Thursday. At issue now is whether bulls can retain the initiative here and build on these gains in lieu of us either completely giving them up or instead resorting...

18Aug1:05 pmEST

Weekend Overview and Analysis 08/18/19 {Video}

The following video is a brief, condensed version of the full-length Weekend Video Strategy Session which I present each weekend to members of Market Chess Subscription Services. In the longer version, I offer tons of actionable trade ideas, educational content, and in-depth objective analysis across all markets.  Please click here  for more...

15Aug11:19 amEST

You Know What That Makes These Bulls?

"Lollygaggers!" All kidding aside, it remains tough to fully embrace these bounce attempts in equites as long as TLT holds green. Heck, it was tough to even partially embrace the bounce attempt, as I went back to full cash yesterday and took off two tester longs I had.  Simply put, until bonds ease off during this particular cycle it is very...

14Aug3:17 pmEST

Last Chance: You Miss it, Don't Show Your Face in Here Again

Working our way through the final hour of another wild session in front of NVDA earnings tonight, the best chance bulls have now for a respectable close (i.e. one a few hundred Dow points off session lows) would likely be to pounce on the heavy sell program which ran on TLT at 3pm EST on the nose.  It is only 1-minute chart, below, but you can...

14Aug10:13 amEST

Overnight Traps

As promising as yesterday's bounce looked and felt for bulls, one of our chief concerns insofar as electing not to add new long exposure was that we first wanted to see bulls survive the overnight futures session. Specifically, we have seen some rather tumultuous overnight sessions in August, and last night was no different--In fact, it was all...

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