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30Nov11:51 pmEST

Late Night Strategy for Monday

Futures are soft, and there are several reasons I outlined in my Weekend Market Film Session to be cautious. Nonetheless, if the holiday rally ensues I am still eyeing the casual dining space. BLMN has an improving chart, seen on the daily timeframe, below. Also watch KONA for another entry over $25.80, but be aware it trades thinly. And on...

30Nov12:24 pmEST

Weekend Market Film Session 11/30/14 {Video}

The following video contains coverage of the broad market, as well as tons of actionable trading ideas for equities and other markets regarding the coming week of 12/01/2014-12/05/2014. Trade Well. Protect your portfolio at all times. -chessNwine Direct Vimeo Link Click Here

30Nov9:42 amEST

What Does a 30% Chance of Rain Mean?

What Does a 30% Chance of Rain Mean? (Understanding Risk, with Gerd Gigerenzer) via YouTube This is a good Sunday morning video to spend a few minutes on. Hat Tip to my friend Claus (@augustlights) on Twitter for posting this . &

29Nov7:15 pmEST

Saturday Night at Market Chess Cinemas

If you have not seen Europa Europa (1990) then you are doing yourself a disservice. In my view, this is the best Holocaust film ever made. Based on the real-life story of Solomon Perel, a Jew in Nazi Germany who got separated from his family and tried to conceal that he is Jewish  while joining the Hitler Youth, we see behind enemy lines of...

29Nov11:54 amEST

Bethlehem Steel, The People Who Built America

Here is a good Saturday documentary about how one of the dominant firms in American history rose to prominence and contributed to the nation's success.

28Nov8:36 pmEST

Stop Giving Away Your Power as a Person

“Remember that failure is an event, not a person.” -Zig Ziglar If you cannot take losses, and especially numerous small losses, then you cannot trade over the long-run. That is pretty much my philosophy when it comes to the market, as losses are inevitable in the same way that even the best baseball hitters are successful only 30% of the time....

28Nov11:38 amEST

Two Competitive Plays for the Holiday Shopping Season

BONT NILE are two laggard retail plays  which could easily see more of a bid into Christmas. With Black Friday upon us, both stocks are acting well today. BONT is a beaten-down chart and trying to move up off the "right side" of a long, potential base bottom. And NILE is still potentially bull-flagging under well-defined $37 resistance. Keep an...

28Nov10:19 amEST

Locking in Some Fast Gains; Chess Moves

With energy stocks immediately getting pounded after my ERY purchase on Wednesday (ERY is the triple-short ETF for the energy sector), I find myself up a large percentage move in a very brief period of time. As a result, and due to the XLE gapping free and clear below its daily chart Bollinger Band (below), thus rendering it quite oversold...

28Nov12:22 amEST

Late Night Strategy for Friday

With crude oil getting drilled over Thanksgiving break, I expect my ERY long (triple-short the energy sector stocks) to do well on Friday. I may consider adding to the position, discussed in more detail in this blog post on Wednesday, if dip-buyers get stuffed on bounce attempts. As for bottom-fishing crude oil itself, there is no doubt...

27Nov5:14 pmEST

Accompaniments to Your Thanksgiving Dinner

First, here is some relaxing music to have on with your Thanksgiving dinner. In addition, here is a great graphic from Deadspin  with every state's most distinct Thanksgiving dish. I will be back later tonight with commentary on the swoon in crude oil futures. Enjoy yourselves!

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