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13Apr9:29 pmEST

Details About Market Chess Subscription Services

I. Mission Statement and Purpose My goal and purpose with the coming launch of Market Chess Subscription Services is to deliver tremendous value to self-directed market players (of all backgrounds, abilities, and experience levels) at a reasonable price.  I am offering you a steady stream of actionable ideas, real-time trades for shorter and...

13Apr4:42 pmEST

Stock Market Recap 04/13/15 {Video}

Please Note: Market Chess Subscription Services Will Launch This Thursday Night with a One-Time Discount for the First Sign-Ups. More Details to Come Soon.  The following video contains coverage of relevant broad market issues (for equities) in addition to plenty of actionable trading ideas across other asset classes. Feel free to pick...

13Apr3:50 pmEST

A Quick Shift; Chess Moves

Into the bell, I sold my TMV long (bond short) at $26.90 from my $27.20 entry for a small loss, and rotated it over to the rate-sensitive utes. Specifically, I went short XLU at $44.26 with a stop-lossover $46.  I charted the weak XLU earlier today and will discuss it after the bell in my recap. I think it stands a better chance than the bond...

13Apr3:07 pmEST

A Handle to Make You Unhinged

While there are certainly plenty of pop-du-jour stocks in this tape, such as BLDR today, for example, there are also frustratingly squishy breakouts, such as that of JUNO. I played JUNO on the long side and sold into the initial pop over $62 resistance, out of the cup-and-handle bullish setup outlined on the first daily chart, below. But now...

13Apr1:50 pmEST

A Brief Appearance

The bear claws briefly came out around noontime on the east coast, with the small caps in the Russell 2000 Index fading off prior all-time highs.  In the event bears actually do some damage, here are two short setups I have posted before and will follow-up on now. FNSR and VLO look to be losing some support, and have room to drop before...

13Apr1:09 pmEST

The Last Good Blockbuster Night

It has been a while since we " made it a Blockbuster night ," as the ascent of Netflix has done its part of creative destruction over the last decade or two.  On the monthly chart of NFLX, gapping up with authority today and squeezing the many shorts in the name, we can observe several factors on this timeframe.  First, the lower light blue,...

13Apr11:51 amEST

Good Service at These Two Restaurants

RRGB continues to be as strong as any casual dining stock, seen potentially turning up, yet again, on the first daily chart, below. This is a low float/heavy short squeeze potential play, to boot, especially over $88.  And BBRG (along with CHUY) represents a potential turnaround story in the group, a laggard trying to catch up to the winners in...

13Apr11:02 amEST

Looking Upwards

The S&P 500 Index has now rallied back to the top rail of the narrowing consolidation we have been observing in my videos of late, with the light blue lines denoting lower highs but higher lows. 2,114 and 2,119 are still key to breach above to make a higher swing high. But bulls have obviously made progress in recent sessions.  Two names acting...

13Apr10:14 amEST

A Good Topping or Not

In order for my current short in Treasuries to work, I will likely have to see both the rate-sensitive REITs in the IYR ETF and utilities in the XLU succumb to another leg down.  As we have been observing for a while now, the IYR and XLU have notably lagged the market of late.  On the updated XLU daily chart, below, the highlighted pennant...


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