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29May4:19 pmEST

Stock Market Recap 05/29/15 {Video}

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29May2:50 pmEST

Update on the Eastern Front

It is interesting to see the inability of the oil-centric Russia (RSX) to bounce today, even as crude rallies. Into next week, I reckon something has to give on that front, with Russia either on the brink of another sharp mov down or instead finally stages a snapback bounce. Regarding crude itself, though, on a standalone basis we can see...

29May12:18 pmEST

They'll Need to Go Fishing in the Red

Natural gas seems to be an interesting niche within the commodities complex, with strident perma-bulls and perms-bears alike chirping with each rally and swoon. I have not traded natty much in recent months, though long-time readers know I have traded UGAZ (the triple-long natural gas ETF) with fairly good results in recent years, occasionally...

29May10:17 amEST

Watch the Flank

With the market stuck in such an obvious range, there still exists the possibility for some type of sudden break, one way or the other. I see ALTR is continuing the semiconductor party this morning with a gap higher, while HRTX is doing the same for the hot generic healthcare plays--There may be more M&A activity yet in those sectors.  The SPLK...


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