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29Jan2:48 pmEST

Let's Hope Zika Goes the Way of Zima

With news of the Zika Virus spreading to the United States, it is easy to conjure up the Ebola panic a few years back. The obvious HazMat suit plays back then were APT and LAKE, with LAKE currently being the more liquid and viable play over $13.  However, in the case of Zika it is probably best to watch to preventive/treatment plays in...

29Jan12:43 pmEST

The Real Champion Might Be Gassius Clay

While most market players are closely watching the wild swings in the crude oil pits, what with the constant news flow and apparent (until today) correlation to equities, natural gas may the champion of the two who floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee.  On the daily chart of the UNG ETF, below, holding over $8.40 now would be very...

29Jan11:11 amEST

Setting Sail to Discover the Land of NIRP

Stocks are mostly higher this morning after Japan embarked on a negative interest rate policy ("NIRP") overnight in a close decision at the Bank of Japan, though biotechnology stocks are still relative weak and abruptly stopped me out a day-trade long earlier this morning.  For the most part, though, stocks are enjoying a relief rally with the...


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