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29Apr12:37 pmEST

Better Call Paul

It may very well be just another inflationary head-fake which leads to a deflationary crash, not unlike what we saw in the first half of 2008 which completely unwound in the latter part of the year. But the uptick in inflationary signals is worth noting, beyond gold. TIPS, for example, or Treasury Inflation Protected Securities, bottomed out...

29Apr10:39 amEST

Every Which Way But Loose

The small cap ETF on the zoomed-out 30-minute timeframe, below, has given us pretty good context of late in terms of making sense of the market's whipsaws.  Note how the IWM failed to hold over $114.15, even when it looked like bulls were in clear control, as recently as yesterday in the early-afternoon.  A sharp reversal to the downside took...


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