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30Mar1:24 pmEST

Who Says the Golden Age of the Mafia is Over?

The PayPal Mafia, that is. While Rudy Giuliani made his ones with a clever federal "RICO" argument to take down the once-powerful Costa Nostra mafia general decade ago, the famed PayPal Mafia is still very much on the up-and-up. Moreover, observing the weekly chart since PYPL's IPO/spinoff in 2015, the explosiveness seems to be present on an...

30Mar10:41 amEST

From Bamboo Shoots to Green Shoots

During World War II, British intelligence viewed the wondrous Taj Mahal as being legitimately vulnerable to attacks by the German Luftwaffe (air force) bombers and perhaps the Japanese, too. As a result, the Brits placed bamboo scaffolding over the Taj Mahal (photo above). According to some accounts, at one points the entire Taj was covered up...


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