25Jan1:27 pmEST

All the Right Moves and Buzzwords

From Wikipedia:

HealthEquity, Inc. is designated as a non-bank health savings trustee by the IRS. This designation allows HealthEquity to be the custodian of health savings accounts regardless of which financial institution the funds are deposited with.

Without question, there are plenty of interesting buzzwords in that description regarding HQY which makes the stock all the more attractive as a healthcare winner. 

Earnings are not scheduled until late-March, and HQY is also shrugging off a JPM downgrade this week by reversing up and threatening a very tight triangle breakout higher, as we speak. Alongside names like TRHC, I consider HQY worthy of our attention in terms of emerging firms to benefit from healthcare being an issue on the tip of every politicians's tongue for the foreseeable future.

We will flesh out this idea and plenty of others in my usual Midday Video for Members now. 

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