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11May3:31 pmEST

Bread and Circuses...and Biotech

“Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt.” — Ancient Roman poet, Juvenal The various entertainment in, say, the Roman Colosseum, was seen as the "bread and circuses" to keep the population of Rome rather happy and docile, staving off revolt during tough times.  In the current market and economic landscape, perhaps The Fed is...

11May11:45 amEST

Pricing in the Unpriceable

If we had had social media back in 1929-1932, it would have been fascinating to see how the post-October 1929 crash price action and policy decisions would have been met. Not long after the crash, history seems to overlook that both The Fed and President Herbert Hoover took considerable action to try to stem the tide of unemployment as well as...


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