30Mar3:49 pmEST

...But I Might Be a Whole Mass

Into the bell, I went long 908 Devices, Inc. after they had earnings this morning, with a stop-loss below $41. 

Located with all the wonderfully warm and pleasant people in Boston, Massachusetts, 908 has the appropriate ticker symbol, MASS. To be serious, though, if you take a gander at their website and read the conference call I think you will see the firm has some exciting products in a unique niche. 

Overall, with the post-IPO chart beaten-down and trying to hold recent lows after the report, I like this spot to play for a long not only in MASS but perhaps growth stocks as well in the near-term with sentiment fairly washed out and a rough late-winter interval for the rocket ship emoji crowd on social media. 

A Leader Returns from Exile Shallow Hal Market


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