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09Nov3:31 pmEST

Who Needs the Wheat Belly Anyway?

Headed into the bell of one of the more interesting sessions we have had in a good while, bulls are contending today's dump in TSLA is basically a mere shakeout, while bears are looking at it as the start of a larger pullback. There is evidence, as usual, to cherry-pikc on both sides, be it the resilience in names like AMZN, for example, of...

09Nov11:23 amEST

Tesla Snapped Off: Now We Watch Chips

The sharp plunge lower in TSLA this morning ought to be viewed as a shot across the bow of sorts, reminding us that the fun, jubilant gamma squeezes on the way up may make the market appear as a cute little piggy bank dispensing life-changing money at will. But on the downside, those moves become all the more intense and initiates many a...


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