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10Nov2:12 pmEST

Disney Earnings Tonight: Trap in the House of Mouse?

Unless you have been following the stock closely, you would probably never guess that Disney has been trading below its 200-day simple moving average (arrow to yellow line on daily chart, below) for a little less than two months now. After all, DIS is the quintessential blue chip stock and an incredible winner off the pandemic lows, a name I,...

10Nov10:37 amEST

They Have No Idea How Bad it is Right Now; None!

If ever there were a time for another Jim Cramer, "They Know Nothing" rant about The Fed, like we saw (below) in the summer 2007 as Cramer (correctly) discerned that deflation would eventually be the real culprit rather than inflation, now would seem to be it.  Only now the real issue is inflation, as evidenced by the red-hot PPI and now CPI...


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