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27Jan3:02 pmEST

Dollar Doing The Fed's Dirty Work for Now

Seeing as The Fed has not actually tightened yet, the U.S. Dollar surging of late is arguably a situation where it is doing the heavy lifting for The Fed. There have been rumblings of this sort of mechanism in markets for a while now, where central bankers need only talk about the idea of tightening rather than actually tighten.  But this...

27Jan11:13 amEST

Allow Me to Sober Up This Drunk Market

It is worth reiterating that violent price swings, wild indecision, overnight and intraday reversals, are all part and parcel of a corrective or even bear market. They are not the exception but, instead, the rule. And are to be expected. TSLA, for example, is now down 7% as I write this after having sold off last night, then went green, etc.....


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