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07Mar3:35 pmEST

That Oil Ain't Gonna Move Itself

As crude chugs on higher and U.S. officials are sweet talking the likes of Venezuela and the Saudis for more oil, we know that the oil cannot move itself. Indeed, as we noted last week the likes of DSX GNK FRO are all nicely higher today, with a special shout-out the oil tankers like FRO.  On that note, Teekay, below on its daily chart, is...

07Mar10:28 amEST

Fill in the Blank: If Apple Goes, the Market ____

Currently sitting on a $2.6 trillion market cap, and a major weighting in the Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq ETFs (!), Apple Inc., below on its daily chart, arguably has been a major reason why the market feels like it has been bad but could indeed have been much worse (so far) given the new flow and underlying technical deterioration.  But that raises...


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