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18May3:05 pmEST

Cash First, Ask Questions Later

With many key spots in the market, be it with the Dow (on the DIA ETF daily chart, below) or any number of prominent stocks, giving up multiple sessions worth of gains all at once today, I elected to move back to full cash with Members a few hours ago.  With the exception of a recent ag long I took on late yesterday, I was able to escape with a...

18May10:25 amEST

That's an Excellent Question, Mr. Lombardi

Shares of Target are getting eviscerated after earnings, to the point where no one even bothers to make the Americana joke of "Target or Tar-Jay" with regard to the retailer's pronunciation.  Some broad market jitters off the TGT pounding is not too surprising, though.  However, what is surprising is the action below the surface thus far today....


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